A total of 20 members participated in the Ottawa Journey and 17 went on the post journey St. Lawrence/New England Cruise. Here is a summary of the activities:
  • September 13 arrival party at United Church hall, and talk on the history of Canada in the 1930 s. Visited the Dieffenbunker, the facility created underground to provide a safe place for the top leadership of Canada in case of a nuclear war.
  • September 14 House of Commons, and walking tour of Ottawa. Saw the termination of the Rideau Canal into the Ottawa River.
  • September 15 religious services in host churches, and fair and demolition derby. Group dinners in the evening.
  • September 16 Ottawa Historical Museum, and presentation on First Nations culture.
  • September 17 Royal Canadian Mounted Police equestrian center, national cemetery, and Hogs Back Waterfall. Most ambassadors took their hosts out for dinner.
  • September 18 Visited a mill town, including the woolen mill used in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Farewell party in mill storage room.

Our cruise took us to Quebec City; Prince Edward Island; Sydney, Nova Scotia; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Bar Harbor, and Boston