Welcome Party

At City Hall

(l-r) Incoming Exchange Director Jutta Dietrich, Outgoing Exchange Directors Huw Williams, Robert Logan, Margaret Logan, Marie Williams

Farewell Party

All Ambassadors in Madrid, plus our guide, Maria


Huw Williams and Robert Logan were exchange directors for an exchange to Biarritz, France, with a post-exchange tour of Spain. The exchange took place October 2 to October 15, 2016, including the post-exchange tour. Twenty members participated, with 18 of those continuing to the post-exchange tour.

Here is a summary of activities:

October 2--Get acquainted with hosts.

October 3--Reception with mayor of Biarritz; walking tour of Biarritz; welcome party; visit Pennington mansion.

October 4--Visit Saint Jean de Luz, a fishing town.

October 5--Visit Bayonne, including Basque Museum.

October 6--Unplanned day. Most ambassadors were taken by their hosts for a ride in the mountains.

October 7--Visit to Fuenterrabia, Spain; farewell party.

October 8--travel to Madrid.

October 9--Visit to Segovia, home of the best example of a Roman Aqueduct in the area.

October 10--Visit to Chinchon, the location where Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote.

October 11--Visit to Avila, with the best-preserved city wall we saw on the trip.

October 12--Visit to Toledo.

October 13--Visit to Consuegra, with beautiful windmills preserved since the sixteenth century, and a fortress preserved since the fifteenth century.

October 14--Tour of downtown Madrid, including the Prada museum and the royal palace still used by the royal family on special occasions.

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