April 25, 2023 Outgoing journey to Greater Orlando
2023 Incoming journey from San Antonio, Texas.
2024 Incoming journey from Siberia.

Covid Policy

We ask that our Members, Ambassadors and Guests take personal responsibility for their health decisions and mask as they choose.

We request that they follow updated CDC recommendations and, if exposed or showing symptoms, take a test. If the test is positive or inconclusive or no testing is done, please refrain from attending Club events until negative or cleared by a doctor.

The mutating nature of this disease and the progressively changing efforts to prevent infection resist a more definitive Covid policy. Big Canoe/North Georgia Friendship Force cannot be and is not responsible for any financial damage or personal harm or inconvenience allegedly caused by exposure to or affliction with any Covid variant or the enforcement of any regulatory or personal policies relating to the mitigation or avoidance of Covid.

January 14, 2023